Silmisa brand

From the very beginning, our maxim has been to satisfy our customers’ needs, and with this impetus SILMISA was born 35+ years ago, always making our greatest effort to adapt to the continuous changes required by society.

As a result, our priority has always been the sustainability of the environment, a vision we had several years ago and we have seen how our idea of environmental protection has gradually been consolidated, the results of which make us feel very proud as it will be our children who, with our effort and vision, inherit an approach to follow in pursuit of a promising future for our planet.

We have centred our production on granulators, grinders, pre-grinders, mills and all the supplementary machinery for these systems.

Our employees play a fundamental role in the business. Their professional performance, their capacity for contributing in a fair and equal manner as part of a workforce are matters that we consider fundamental.

Our growth as a company is through the growth of our employees; this perception is behind all our effort to make everyone feel fulfilled and committed. For this reason we stay connected with our employees all over the world, carrying out surveys and verifications.


The mission of our R&D+i department is to involve the entire company in our permanent desire to surpass ourselves and keep ahead of market trends, as well as transmit motivation and dedication to our employees, in order to contribute towards our society’s sustainable development.

Thus, fostering the search for interaction between our manufactured products and our customers poses a challenge and satisfaction at the same time. We also encourage, guide and strengthen research on new technologies and projects.



Promote the protection of the environment.


Foster links with the private sector.


Cooperate in technological research with innovation projects.


Analyse and monitor research projects.


Enhance the quality of our products.


Constantly develop products, and make technical and technological improvements, always thinking of the needs of our customers in modern society.


It consists in supervising, inspecting, coordinating and planning everything related to the production tasks of the machinery.

Daily tasks

  • Visit the production plant, the mechanical and electrical workshops, verifying that the work is being carried out properly.

  • Verify the machine with the production assistant, in order to determine any changes made in its production.

  • Review the planning orders and approve them whenever deemed appropriate.

  • Write down the completed purchase orders in the production logbook, to obtain real information of what has been completed and any asks still pending.