Silmisa brand

Our motto has always been to satisfy the needs of our customers and with this impetus the SILMISA company was born more than 30 years ago, striving to adapt to the continuous changes that society required.

That is why our priority has always been to sustain the environment, a vision that we had a few years ago and that little by little we have consolidated those ideas of environmental protection and whose results we are proud of, because it will be our children who with our effort and vision inherit a dynamic to follow in pursuit of a promising future for our planet.

We have focused our production on granulators, shredders, pre-shredders, and all that complementary machinery of these equipment.

Our people are fundamental to the business; It is at the center of everything we do. Their professional realization, their ability to contribute in an equitable way as part of a workforce are issues that we consider to be priorities.

We grow as a company through the growth of our people; This perception is behind all our efforts to make all of us feel fulfilled and committed. That’s why we remain connected with our employees around the world, conducting surveys and verifications.



Our R + D + I department has the mission to link our entire company in the continuous desire to improve and evolve the market, as well as to transmit to our employees motivation and dedication in order to contribute to the sustained development of our society.

Therefore, encouraging the search for interaction between our products and our customers is a challenge and a satisfaction at the same time. Also encourage, guide and strengthen research in new technologies and projects.



  • Promote the protection of the environment.


Promote the link with the private sector.


Cooperate in technological research with innovation projects.


Analysis and monitoring of research projects.


  • Promote the quality of products.


  • Constant development of products, technical and technological improvements always thinking about the needs of our customers in today’s society.


consists of the supervision, review, coordination and planning of everything related to the task of production of machinery.

Daily tasks:

  • Make a tour of the production plant, mechanical and electrical workshop, verifying the proper performance of the work.

  • Verify with the production assistant the machine to be able to determine the changes in production that are made in them.

  • Review planning orders to give approval or not.

  • Enter the work orders completed in the production book to obtain real information on what has been done and what is missing in production.